Welcome back everyone. We are all delighted with how quickly the children have settled back into school life, eager and ready to learn every day! This term we are learning all about superheroes and people who help us, we have been discussing what our superhero name and superpower would be. We have had some wonderful ideas and we have even been making our own superhero masks to wear. We have also been lucky enough to borrow some police officers uniforms to try on – we loved dressing up and playing “cops and robbers”! We are looking forward to other superhero visitors joining us this term, too!

Last week, the children went for a visit to the Life Education bus, where they learnt all about their bodies and what they can do. The children really impressed us with their knowledge of their body and how to look after it. We also have been learning about the different ways we can move our bodies in PE with Vicky, and the children are really looking forward to using the large apparatus next week.

Outside we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe whilst using the hammers and nails. The children have been amazing at following the safety precautions!

Also outside, some children have become particularly interested in the weather and are wishing for snow. In the meantime, they have invented their own snowball fight game.

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to so far this term:


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