Our Vision

At Loatlands Primary School we believe in the transformative power of education.  Our school community is where we develop as well-rounded individuals, using our collective strengths to grow as a team.  We believe that every member of our school community has the capacity to excel. This success will only be achieved through a commitment towards our shared values of respect, resilience and curiosity.

Our Values


  • We are a caring and thoughtful school community. We understand the importance of showing kindness and politeness to others.
  • We appreciate our differences and accept others for who they are. We celebrate our unique strengths and talents.
  • We promote honesty, understanding that we are all responsible for our own actions. We act with integrity so that we can respectfully disagree and move forward together as a result.


  • We show courage and positivity when working together to tackle new challenges. As learners, we know our own strengths and weaknesses, taking bold risks whilst learning.
  • We seek feedback to help us grow. We try to learn from our mistakes, showing determination to succeed.
  • We support each other so that we are happy, confident individuals. We are encouraged to make healthy choices so we feel good about ourselves.


  • As a community, we ask questions about the world around us to challenge our thinking. We initiate our own ideas, exploring them creatively and taking pride in the outcomes.
  • We are passionate learners who investigate and seek out answers.
  • We make connections to our own experiences and collaborate with others.

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Contact Us

Postal Address

Loatlands Primary School,
Harrington Road,
NN14 2NJ

Telephone: 01536 903713


Key Contacts:

Headteacher: Mrs A Willis

Deputy Headteacher: Miss J Heald

Assistant Headteacher:  Mrs R Robinson

Chair of Governors:  Mr B Kennedy

Business Manager : Mrs G Seakens

Family Support Worker: Mrs K Davidson

Administrator: Mrs L Biddlecombe

Clerical Assistant: Mrs K Kershaw