As part of our learning about Rainforests, Year 4 spent an hour with Keiron from Bugtopia.  He introduced us to 4 amazing animals from tropical places – a flat rock scorpion, a millipede, a tarantula and – last of all – a boa constrictor named Cuddles!  The children were incredibly brave with many of them holding at least one of the animals.  We had to be very still and quiet when holding the animals so as not to scare them.  When holding Cuddles, we had to pretend to be trees so she could use her incredibly strong muscles to climb up us.


We also learnt lots of incredible facts including:



  • Animals that look cute and cuddly (such as hamsters) can be more dangerous than animals that look scary but are actually harmless.

  • All animals with fangs are venomous. 

  • Spiders don’t always have 8 legs – some have 10!


We learnt lots and had an amazing time!


Year 4





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