What a fabulous week Year 4 had at Everdon. The gorgeous weather meant that we were able to get outside and explore the local countryside. While we walked in the countryside, we worked on our tracking skills to find out which animals had walked along these paths before us. Although we didn't get to see any badgers, we knew they were around as we found a huge badger sett. However, we did get to see many adorable lambs as we walked around in the glorious sunshine.



To keep us cool, we took part in many brilliant activities in the shady woods such as tracking games and den building. Have a look at some of our pictures of our amazing dens. 



For our last evening, we even made our own fire so that we could toast and eat gooey marshmallows - although making fire in the sunshine was very hot work! 



We had such a brilliant time and we really looked after one another. 


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