Year 3 had a great start back to school, on Wednesday we all dressed up as Greeks and experienced life in Ancient Athens. As Athenians the children experienced jobs such as making pottery, wax tablets, mosiac and one of their favourites was squeezing olives to make olive oil. Everyone had great fun learning about the class system which meant that if you were not from Athens, a slave or a girl you had to sit at the back of the Temple and could not vote!

In the afternoon, the children amazed everyone with how quickly they learnt to perfrom plays and dances. All of Year 3 then sat in the ampitheatre to watch the perfromances while the slaves served drink and Greek food such as dates, feta cheese and olives. The honey drizzled cakes were very popular. 

It was a fabulous day that was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered and helped to make the day so successful. 



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