On Monday, we had a visit from ‘History off the Page’ who transformed our studio into the bustling city of London in 1666. Thank you to parents for helping and for providing costumes that helped the children get into character and to set the scene. Children spent the morning walking the streets of London and becoming apprentices learning a range of skills and jobs. This included working as an Apothecary, Barber Surgeon, Leather Worker, Chandler, Perfumer, Seamstress, Weaver, Metalworker, Writer or Rat Catcher. 

As the children were busy learning their trades, the fire spreads, smoke starts to spread through the streets and the children worked in teams to pull down buildings and deliver water to try to stop the fire.

After lunch, we learnt about why and how the fire had spread through the city and which parts were destroyed. They joined in an archaeological dig and excavated the charred remains looking for belongings trying to identify buildings.

Corey and Florrie were lucky enough to have their button moulds used to make real buttons out of metal; we saw how heating metal can change it from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid again.  

Everyone had a fantastic day sharing their knowledge and reliving the past events of The Great Fire.


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