We are so impressed with how the children have settled into school and how well they are coping being full-time. The children have been enjoying: water play; the mud kitchen and; exploring our musical instruments on the stage. We have loved seeing the children create tickets and invite other children (and adults) to see their shows, it really is magical!

We have also loved seeing how the children use our builder’s area. So far we have had pirate ships, cars, obstacle courses and much, much more! They are fantastic at keeping one another safe, choosing their own risks and testing their own limits.

The creative room has been a hit with the children. They have been creating all sorts of models and pictures for their family. Whilst working in the creative room we have seen some great team work and perseverance.

We have started teaching phonics on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The children have loved pretending to be the teacher in their play and practising the phonics sounds we have taught them!

Finally, one of the highlights for us is seeing our ‘Story Scribing’ take off. The children are asking adults to help them to write their own stories; we begin this by writing down exactly what they say but as it develops you will start to notice some of your child’s marks/letters on the paper too. It really is incredible to hear their imaginations at work! Please pop into Donaldson class to have a look at some of the stories the children have been telling.

Thanks to all of those that volunteered for our Autumn Walk, this will now be taking place on Monday 21st October at 9am. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by changing the date.

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