We have been learning all about money and mass in maths over the last few weeks. We decided that to consolidate our learning practically, and to fit with our new topic 'healthy body, happy mind' we would create a shop in our shared area.

We like to think of ourselves as a big, happy Year 1 family so we decided to name our shop " Jeffberg Fruit and Veg shop"!!

The children have made their own signs and labels and are really getting into character taking on the roles. Aready we are seeing the children consolidate skills such as addition, mass and weight using balance scales and counting and combining money. Not to mention personal skills such as teamwork, collaborative play, using imagination and listening to each other's ideas.

Here are some photos for you to see,


'Jeffberg' teachers!!

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“At Loatlands Primary School we aim to nurture children with the skills and qualities to strive for excellence and flourish in a modern world.

We aim to grow together as a ‘school family’ to develop lasting learning partnerships and the respect of others."

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